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Mongoclient 5.0.539 Download

It can be difficult to find a MongoDB management utility that is suitable for your needs, especially if you are looking for a cross-platform product that is not terribly pricey and comes with a decent set of features.
Mongoclient offers a solution, in the form of an open-source application that integrates comprehensive database management functions and can provide useful statistics in an intuitive form.
Set up multiple database connections and monitor their status
There is no limit to the number of connections that can be configured, which means you can easily manage all of your databases from a unified interface. The program supports multiple authentication methods, as well as SSH tunneling.
Once a connection has been established, Mongoclient begins gathering data and provides you with real-time statistics. The application monitors memory usage, active connections, network traffic and operation counters, and these parameters are displayed in the form of interactive graphs.
Extensive array of database management functions
Mongoclient can do more than just monitor your database’s performance, as it comes equipped with a number of management tools that are accessible even to inexperienced users.
The application enables database administrators to add new users and define the roles that are assigned to existing ones without writing any shell commands.
Additionally, the program makes it possible to dump or restore data, download or upload files, aggregate database collections and add new ones, as well as execute several common admin queries.
Features a streamlined and intuitive UI, and offers extensive documentation
As far as the user interface is concerned, there are no negative aspects worth mentioning, as the application features modern visual design and a straightforward layout.
FIrst-time users will be happy to learn that a comprehensive user manual is available online, which should make it much easier to get the hang of things.
On the whole, Mongoclient is a versatile MongoDB client that offers all the tools you need to both monitor and manage your databases. It sports a smart interface layout and offers a powerful set of features, as well as detailed documentation.







Mongoclient Crack Full Product Key For PC [March-2022]

Available on: Linux, Windows
Price: $16.95
Limitations: No
Mongoclient by CMPact is an award-winning client for the popular MongoDB database that was built with one goal in mind: to make database management as easy and simple as possible.
As such, it’s a powerful tool with numerous management features, but it’s also designed to be simple, so users of all levels are able to make use of it.
Mongoclient Features:
Automatic node discovery and configuration
Mongoclient for MongoDB is a lightweight application, so managing your databases shouldn’t be too burdensome. In fact, the application’s automatic node discovery and configuration, combined with its powerful search functionality, should make it possible to connect to most of your databases within seconds.
All that’s required is to enter the database’s host, port and authentication credentials.
Manage multiple databases with a single connection
MongoDB is designed to be scalable, which means that it’s fully capable of managing thousands of databases on the same server. But with a tool like Mongoclient, you don’t have to share your precious resources between databases.
In fact, the program supports multiple connections with a single configuration. It’s possible to set up a connection to any of your MongoDB databases, whether they’re configured locally or reside on a remote server. All that’s required is to either enter the database’s name or IP address, or use a search bar to configure it programmatically.
Control database connections and operations
The application is designed to be fully functional, and the user interface is intuitive. However, it’s also possible to control the database connections via a simple browser-based interface or a command-line client, if you need a more powerful interface.
The CLI tool is available as part of the MongoDB Enterprise Edition, which means that administrators can access it directly, without having to create a MongoDB database client or download the software themselves.
Mongoclient’s toolbox of general admin functions
Once a connection has been established, Mongoclient’s toolbox of general admin functions enables administrators to identify, remove and alter users and roles, as well as export collections and run queries.
The application also allows you to dump and restore collections, import files and scripts and otherwise perform several common database administration tasks.


Mongoclient Crack is a cross-platform database management utility, which brings together comprehensive database monitoring and management functions. It offers a streamlined and intuitive UI and comes packed with a variety of features.

MongoDB Management (Monitoring and Admin)
Monitor and Admin single or multi-node multi-data center MongoDB cluster in real time.
Most of the MongoDB management utilities are for single-node and single-data-center usage. I want to provide an application that can be used to manage MongoDB multi-node multi-data-center database. I am going to explain how to use MongoDB Management (Monitoring and Admin) to manage such a database.
Datacenter Multi-node Multi-data-center MongoDB Management
This app can monitor and admin single node Multi data center and multi node Multi data center with different ip. this app can be used to control (add, delete, update, and fetch) the database data between a client and a database and we can specify the source and destination ip of each data.

What is the difference between MongoDB and MongoDB management?
MongoDB database is a structured collection of documents. These documents can be ordered, queried, and stored in any way you want.
Database management is the process of configuring the database servers and interacting with them.
MongoDB Management MongoDB Management is a tool, which is used to configure a MongoDB cluster. In this version I added some new features to admin everything of a MongoDB cluster.

MongoDB Operations and Monitoring Available MongoDB Management features
This product is a monitoring and managing tool which is used to configure and monitoring of a MongoDB cluster.

MongoDB management in the enterprise
Database management is what you do when you are dealing with your databases and the configuration or setup of your databases.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that can be accessed over the

Here are some facts about MongoDB that you should know:
MongoDB is a MongoDB database that is open source, can be accessed over the Internet, and uses JSON documents to store data. MongoDB allows you to store, query, and search for data within a database. It is available as a free download.

MongoDB – Everything You Need to Know
This is a Getting Started guide with MongoDB. I cover the basics of how to install MongoDB, how to create collections, and how to perform basic queries and database statistics

Mongoclient Crack With Registration Code

► Automatically and transparently synchronizes multiple databases.
► Perfect for managing MongoDB clusters.
► Runs on Linux, macOS, and Windows.
► Great for server backup and recovery.
► Provides great MongoDB metrics.
► Supports authentication with any authentication method.
► Allows you to copy and restore MongoDB databases.
► Supports parallelizing database backups.
► Supports multiple SSH tunnel settings.
► Includes almost all MongoDB commands.
► Tools for multi-user administration.
► Supports either local or remote authentication methods.
► Supports persistent storage.
► Can migrate and/or restore databases.
► Can copy and restore databases between servers.
► Stops MongoDB processes in the event of a crash.
► Supports backup and recovery for all MongoDB types.
► Supports more than 20 languages.
► Multithreaded.
► Runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux OS.

Key Features:
Connect to multiple MongoDB instances
Mongoclient allows you to connect to up to 4 databases. The first database that you connect to will become your default database, and the others will be listed on the Connection Status page with a percentage as the name of the connection.
Monitor the connection status of all the databases
You can monitor the status of all the connections that you have installed with Mongoclient from the Connection Status page. The page will show you the total number of connections, the number of active connections, the number of total connections currently and the percentage of the connections that are active.
You can easily discover the status of every individual connection by clicking on the name of the connection in question.
Add, delete and rename users and roles
Mongoclient has dedicated tools for each of the users and role types that are available in your MongoDB cluster.
You can add a new user or a user group as well as add or remove a role. The user database list shows the new users that you have added.
The Role database list shows the role names that you have created. You can edit a role or delete one.
Automatically synchronize your databases
As a database administrator, you may often switch between your different databases on a regular basis. You need to ensure that all these databases are synchronized with each other.
Mongoclient automatically synchronizes the databases that are hosted on a server on which it is running.
If the synchronization process fails, it allows you to choose whether you want to

What’s New in the?

“Mongoclient is a cross-platform, open-source tool that provides a graphical user interface (GUI) for the MongoDB database system. It is very convenient to use for a new user or for database administrators. You can set up your database connections in the Mongoclient system as easily as with the command line.
Thanks to its graphical environment, you can easily and efficiently handle your MongoDB systems. With the help of the familiar user interface, you can perform more than 40 operations on a MongoDB database. Mongoclient is an open-source application that is free to use.
Mongoclient is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.”

The app can be downloaded here


Mongoclient is a free to use app that can be downloaded and installed on the following platforms:

– Windows
– Mac OS X
– Linux
– Android
– iOS

The app has been tested using the following browsers:

– Chrome
– Firefox
– Safari
– Opera
– Internet Explorer 9+


Download the app from App Store

You can download the app directly from App Store and Google Play.

Download the app from direct link

You can download the app directly from the official website of the app.

Features of Mongoclient


Help and support

We provide you with a comprehensive user manual to make your first contact with the application as smooth as possible. We hope that this approach will help you to understand the basics of the app’s functions.

The app has its own forum where you can discuss any issues you may have with the application.

How to add new users

New users can be added to the database using the graphical interface. No special privileges are required to perform this operation.

MongoDB Authentication

The app offers you various approaches of user authentication. From this point of view, you can configure the app to accept both basic and user-based authentication methods.

About us

We are a group of enthusiastic developers and designers from all around the world with a shared passion for coding. Our team posts its knowledge at


If you have an iOS or Android device, you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play

System Requirements For Mongoclient:

Windows XP
Windows Vista
Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Intel)
PCI bus slot
One USB 2.0 port with Windows OS
Minimum of 512MB RAM
2GB Disk space
Download The Application:
Techrite: Techrit-Demo is a free demo version for the application. Techrit-Demo has a simple, yet effective user interface and a content of testing and benchmarking tools. It is designed to test the applications and operating systems from a compatibility, usability and performance perspective. Techrit

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